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TACA Football Athlete Registration Forms

Please submit the forms below online:

Football Athlete Registration

TACA Parent - Player Contract

Parental Consent and Waiver

Doctor's Physical: We prefer that you scan this form and email it to tacainfo@yahoo.com or you can bring the form to practice. Also if you have the application Genius Scan you may take a picture and email it to tacainfo@yahoo.com.
Download Form Here: PDF(fillable) Format
Upload Form: Here

Option #1: Pay $599 with no fundraising
Option #2: Pay $199 and fundraise for 12 Hours
Option #3: Fundraise for 16 hours and pay nothing
✭Options #2 and #3 can be completed from July 31
through the end of the season.
✭Raffle Tickets are available now for sale

Payment can be by cash, check or PayPal option below.
(Just be sure to include the player's name, so proper credit can be applied)

(Note the the PayPal shows Donate. Please input your appropriate payment.)

Note For Forms Below:
All Fields Must Be Filled Out!
Place An "N/A" In Fields That Don't Apply To You.


We would like you to send us a copy of the Physical.

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