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Please bring in your raffle money each week;
don’t wait until you’re finished.

Our current needs are $35,000 $32,300 $28,500 $25,900 $23,300 $21,400 $18,800 $14,700 to get to next season without a deficit.

The leading sellers for 14U so far are:

Aaron Earls:  $525--H
Leo Luviano:  $450--H
Xavian Andrews:  $435--H
Cameron Shankle:  $370

The leaders for JV/Varsity are:

 McLerran- $1150-H-HP
Mansoori -$695-H-HP
Rooney -$680-H-HP
Hughes -$650-H-HP
Brown, Nathan-$525-H
Fox/Sherman-$455-H, H

The leading sellers for Cheer so far are:

Hassleman, V-$295
Hassleman, A-$205

Saturday and Sunday's from 4:00-8:00PM is the absolute best time to sell all week.
We need to everyone to hold up their end of the bargain. Fantastic prizes for fantastic efforts.

Mark the calendar!

Impact Church's
Young Men's breakfast
October 30th
to wrap up the season.

8:30 - 10:30 at TACA Headquarters

It's TACA Hoodie weather! 
Buy a TACA Hoodie for $35.00 and support TACA Football and Cheer!

Monday, 10/24/16  - All 14U and High School players have the day off, as both practices are cancelled. 
Please use this time to rest up and continue to sell your raffle tickets so that you can earn your prizes and honor your commitments.

  Tuesday, 10/25/16 - All High School players are to be at: TACA HQ for film from 6-8pm. 
PLEASE bring all raffle proceeds with you to turn in. 


If anyone must miss practice for ANY reason, it is the player's responsibility to contact his coach and REQUIRED that he do so.

If the coach is unable to answer the call, LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE with your name, reason for missing, and the day you will miss.

JV and Varsity players call Coach Ford:  972-464-8005
14U players call Coach Ferguson:  817-617-9451

Varsity Schedule = Click Here To View

JV Schedule = Click Here To View

Click below to view the map and find ride-share partners.



Attention Parents,

An average banana has about 450 mg of potassium. “Sports Drinks” (32 oz) have 120 mg total potassium along with 56 grams of sugar! 56 grams of sugar = 28 teaspoons. To get the same potassium from these "Sports Drinks" as one banana you’d have to consume about 1 gallon or 112 teaspoons of sugar. Ever wonder why kids “Love it”? Would any of us have our child put 28 teaspoons of sugar on anything they ate?

sports drink

A banana costs about twenty cents and increases several other positive reactions. Sports drinks= not so good. They immediately trigger a massive insulin response and deliver an assortment of negatives. Type 2 diabetes was almost nonexistent 40 years ago. So was the idea of drinking 28 teaspoons of sugar in an hour.

If this is the only way you can get your son to hydrate, then that will have to suffice because hydration is the key. A jug of water and a couple of bananas beginning early in the day would be a much better choice than a Gatorade on the way to practice.

Here’s why I bring all of this to our attention. Below is my nephew, Mikey Dougherty of NJ. He is thirteen years old and was in perfect health until September of 2012.

Mikey and Dog

Here is Mikey D before his injury. He never had a “Sick-Day” in his life. Happy, Healthy, 13 year old athlete. He was active in Basketball, Football & Baseball. He never underwent any type of cardiac screening.

Mikey in bed

Here is Mikey D after suffering cardiac arrest in September of 2012 at the age of 13. He was playing Basketball outside in the heat, collapsed and did not get a quick response from 911. He suffered cardiac arrest and subsequent traumatic brain injury from a potassium deficiency. He was care-flighted from NJ to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia where he spent months in a coma.

Today, Mikey is doing much better! He was spared by our merciful Lord & Savior and is now walking, and talking at about a first grade level. They say they’ll know in about ninety more days to what extent he’ll ultimately recover, but they also said he would never survive, much less walk, talk or have any type of normal life. He’s already beat all odds.

We had CJ and our daughter Evelyn checked out and came to find out CJ had an arrhythmia of his heart. He went through extensive testing, wore monitors, sat out of a few Basketball games and praise God it turned out to be pretty much innocuous. He was cleared by a team of Doctors from Children’s and has been great ever since.

Here’s my prayer to all of you parents. Please have your child screened. Our primary physician discovered the arrhythmia from a simple listen with a stethoscope. She was extremely concerned and immediately referred us to see a pediatric cardiologist. In the end, our Lord poured out his love and grace onto CJ and it all turned out well.

If we have the time to play Football we have the time to have a simple screening (which most of you may have done when you had a physical done on your son recently). We’ve also got to take the time and effort to force our kiddos to hydrate from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Bananas and other electrolyte rich foods are the answer. Gatorade is a good “Game-Day” solution, but not the best everyday answer.

Here are some everyday answers:
Bananas - Potatoes - Tuna - Oranges - Tomatoes - Halibut - Apricots - Cucumber - Honey - Avocado - Cabbage - Beef - Strawberries - Cauliflower - Chicken - Bell Pepper - Chard - Veal - Squash - Eggplant - Red Snapper - Papayas - Mushrooms - Pollock - Pears - Brussels Sprouts - Sardines - Prune - Turmeric - Salmon - Dates - Parsley - Milk - Raisins - Spinach - Lamb Cantaloupe - Broccoli - Turkey

Coach Rooney

Wesley Perine is the Youth Pastor of Impact Church DFW. In this role he is responsible for the spiritual development of children & youth to offer them spiritual guidance. He spends time with them and is able to relate and maintain their attention. He models the characteristics that are important to the church and to the TACA organization. He serves as a source of counseling for teens and young adults looking for answers on how religion fits into their lives. Wesley acts as a counselor and adviser, as well as simply offering a listening ear. Wesley has been in ministry 20 years and has a passion for leading young people to Christ; he has worked with youth groups in several states and communities in the United States. He has facilitated youth prayer groups and bible studies that allow youth to grow and develop into Christian leaders of tomorrow. To contact Pastor Wesley please email him @Wperine1906@gmail.com.  Pastor Wesley will also be available during football practice and scheduled games.

The Cheerleaders practice schedule will be the same as the Varsity football practice schedule.

Also, there is a mandatory cheer parent meeting on Thursday, August 17,at the beginning of practice (6:00).


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It's not too late to join us for the 2016 JV/Varsity season.
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Check website frequently for weather updates!
If we are forced to cancel practice for weather it will be posted by 2:00PM right HERE!
If players cannot attend a practice they are required to call their Coach.

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TACA is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our TAX-ID is 35-2471150. 
To make a tax deductible donation to help Texas athletes stay on the fields, please select either choice below.

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Football CoachCoach's Corner

Five Great Reasons to Play Football @ TACA

1. Christ. We’re Christ- centered. However, just as Christ did, we would welcome anyone. Like Jesus with the Samaritan woman, we would seek to eliminate barriers and want everyone to know they’re special in the eyes of God. We ask for those not ready to join us in prayer, to be respectful at our times of worship.

2. Coaches. We are blessed with a deep crew of mature, teaching Coaches. These men are parents themselves, and draw on their own experiences to teach life lessons and the game of Football. Our Coaches have played at all levels. A couple of our Coaches have children currently in college athletics. Speak to other TACA parents about what impacts these men have had in their son’s lives. Our Coaches are recognized and connected in the collegiate Football community. If the blessing presents itself, they will do whatever is possible to help your son move to the next level.

3. Course. We believe what James Dobson said from “Focus on the Family”, our ONLY job as a parent is to work ourselves out of a job. We will treat your sons as young men, not boys. Our desire is to help you-help them with their focus on worship, their interactions with their family, and their studies. When conflicts arise your son will approach his teammate or Coach face to face and seek a faith driven resolution

4. Cost. Why would you want to buy a pile of equipment that won’t fit your son this time next year? Why spend $900-$1,000.00 in registration fees? Our approach is simple. Our equipment is leased out free of charge and our registration fee is only $100.00! Our young men participate in a raffle ticket sale or other fund-raisers to raise about $400.00 each, TACA will match their amount by raising the rest from the local business community. Part of our job as parents is to make certain our young men are financially independent and responsible. For these lessons to take root, they cannot begin when they have finished high school. Mom and Dad can’t always be the answer to their financial issues. It will usually take an athlete 12 hours to raise the $400.00 from raffle sales or alternative projects. Like many other challenges, we usually do this as a team.

5. Competition. We’re good at the game of Football! We won’t always come out on top, but we’ll win games by being better conditioned, better coached, and better at understanding the game from every position possible. Whether we win or lose a Football game, we'll try to do it with humility and sportsmanship.

"Faith Based Football in DFW"

 "A team where home-school, charter-school, and private-school young men can learn and play the game of football!"

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